Frixa Kart Brake Pads

FRIXA brake pads are specially designed and tested purely for kart racing. These are the best brake pads on the market.

  • Developed Specifically For Top Level Kart Racing
  • Fits Tony Kart OTK Chassis, CRG VEN05, and Intrepid/OK1 and Praga Chassis
  • Increased Braking Performance Better Braking Stability
  • Increased Driver Feedback
  • Designed By Motorsport Brake Specialists
  • Longer Life
  • Designed To Win

Frixa Tony Kart Brake Pads

OTK Compounds
CA01 Hard
CA18 Medium

Frixa Intrepid Kart Brake Pads

Intrepid/Praga Compounds
INT01 Hard
INT18 Medium

Frixa CRG Kart Brake Pads

VEN05 Compounds
CRG01 Hard
CRG18 Medium

Frixa VEN05 Brake Rotor

  • Light weight 2.2 lbs (the same as CRG Ceramic Rotor)
  • Better cooling
  • Will not explode, breakup or crack
  • Made from quality British grey iron
  • Fits CRG, Maranello, GP, Formula K, Zanardi, DR and Energy Kart chassis using the VEN05 brake system

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